The sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion & Confirmation are offered in line with the rules of The Diocese.

Baptisms: parents need to be on the parish roll & have attended services for at least 3 months prior to Baptism classes commencing.

First Holy Communion: The family needs to be on the Parish roll & attending regular services.  Children are permitted to be admitted to Communion from the age of 8 years. The parents & child will attend preparation classes.

Confirmation: The candidates need to be on the parish roll & aged 16 years & above. Preferably the young person should be attending the youth groups within the Parish. Confirmation classes are held once a year for a minimum of 3 months.





                                   Portfolio Group: EDUCATION Tseliso Leballo in conjunction with Clergy (067)711 5414
Teaching & Training Baptism Preparation      
  Marriage Preparation      

Confirmation Preparation (Teach,      train and mentor leaders)


  First Communion Preparation      






                          Portfolio Group: YOUTH MINISTRY  Jenny Breet (082)455 2236
Errol Peace (082)414 4898
Teaching Krump Siphiwe Madonsela  (081)454 5352
  Junior Church      
  Youth Service & Musicians      
  Convene, coordinate and facilitate gatherings of young adults