We are called to “make disciples”, bringing them to baptism and confirmation and “teaching them to obey everything [Jesus] has commanded” us. (Mt 28:19) We remain disciples throughout our lives and the Parish therefore needs to provide relevant teaching for all parishioners.

1.  Teaching / Preaching

Ongoing teaching and preaching in the congregation remains the task of the Rector, with the assistance of the other clergy and lay ministers. At St Francis we regularly have teaching or preaching themes in order to focus attention on relevant situations and times in our Parish life.

2.  Training Courses

      2.1 Baptism

Errol Peace and his daughter, Chantel Davies – both also Lay Ministers in the Parish – do a wonderful job of preparing parents and Godparents for the baptism of their children. We use a Baptism Course recommended by the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.

       2.2 Admission to Holy Communion

Young people beteen the ages of 10 and 16 may receive Holy Communion with the consent of their parents, and after completing a special preparation course. Jane Lawrence and Fr Reggie run this course.

      2.3 Confirmation

Young people over 16 are prepared for Confirmation by Lay Minister Margaret Godden and her small team. The teaching course is spread over approximately a year. Once this is completed, the candidates are presented to the Bishop for Confirmation, which takes place once a year.

  2.4 Marriage Preparation

Those wishing to be married at St Francis are required to complete a Marriage Preparation Course under the guidance of either Margaret Godden or Fr Reggie. Dates and a plan for the marriage need to be arranged well ahead of time.

                              2.5 Other Courses

From time to time, and when there is a need, our Parish will also offer other courses like the ALPHA Course in Christian discipleship.


ROCK, the St Francis Youth Group, meets once a month on a Saturday evening. This past year they have followed an exciting programme examining Christian values. All young people are invited to join this vibrant, fun-loving group.

“The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my saviour; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection.” Psalm 18:1-2
Age group: 14 - 25
Meet from 5pm - 7pm (17:00 - 19:00) every fourth Saturday of the month
Current theme: 'Redefining Normal' based on the book of the same name by David Rhodes & Chad Norris - Tackling what is considered 'normal' as a Christian & giving a fresh, vibrant perspective to it.
ROCK leaders: Stacey Lawrence & Calvin van der Merwe.
ROCK is a group of forward thinking young Christians who seek to strengthen our faith through investigating thought-provoking topics and pursuing a personal/unique relationship with Jesus. ROCK intends to build a faith founded on bible study  and personal introspection with the end goal of preparing young people to become helping hands in their communities and ambassadors of a faith based on love, grace and humility. ROCK wishes to promote healthy social skills and spiritual habits with like-minded individuals and to promote good role models for Christian children to follow. 
ROCK is, most importantly, a safe haven for young Christians to explore their faith in a fun and loving environment.

Our Facebook link is: ROCK_St Francis.
Our Twitter link is: @ROCK_StFrancis.
Our email is:
ROCK website, namely:


Purpose: To equip young people with the knowledge they need to make the right choices in the face of all the influences presented by society today.
Process: The interactive classes help explore the Bible and apply the Biblical principles to issues they face everyday in life, e.g. influences of the media, music, etc.

Payoff: Our young folk hold the key to their future and this is dependent on the choices they make. While we, as parents, cannot make all their decisions for them, we can ensure that they are equipped to make informed, and hopefully, the right choices using scripture as the primary foundation and source of reference.

Who: Young people ranging from 14 to 19.

When and Where: In the classrooms at St. Francis Anglican Church during the 08:30 service on Sundays .


Who: Children from 3 to 13.

When and Where: In the classrooms at St. Francis Anglican Church during the 08:30 service on Sundays .

 “He commanded our ancestors to teach their children so that they might put their confidence in God, and not forget His works but keep his commandments” Ps 78: 5 -7 (abridged)

Next year the FiG-jam Crew will introduce the children to an exciting new programme of teaching called Godly-play.

6.  Bible Studies

We have three Bible Study / fellowship groups running in the Parish. CiC (Companions in Christ) has two groups, a morning group led by Sandy Engelbrecht, and an evening group led by Jane Lawrence.  Mtr Sheila has a strong Tuesday evening Bible Study group going. We would encourage everyone in the Parish to eventually join one of these groups or any others that will start up as the need arises.


The following persons at St Francis of Assisi may be contacted for more information on these ministries:



Tel (h/b)


E-mail   Address


Esme Coetzee


083 798 0477

Teaching and   Preaching

Fr Reggie   Venter

(011) 867 5922

(079) 506 6660


Errol Peace

(011) 869 1946

(082) 414 4898

Admission to

 Holy Communion

Jane Lawrence

(011) 864 5967

(083) 310 8221

Confirmation   /
  Marriage Preparation

Margaret Godden

(011) 907 7851

(082) 493 7106

OtherTraining   Courses

Fr Reggie   Venter

(011) 867 5922

(079) 506 6660


Esmé Coetzee


(083) 798 4077

Bible Study -  

CiC Morning group

Sandy Engelbrecht

(011) 867 2109

(082) 480 5822

Bible Study -  

CiC Evening group

Jane Lawrence

(011) 864 5967

(083) 310 8221

Tuesday Evening Bible Study

Mtr Sheila Hlobelo

(011) 863 7816

(079) 772 1476