1. Bible study groups 


  1. 1 Companions In Christ groups (Errol & Kay Peace)

The original twenty-eight week Companions in Christ foundational resource grew from a vision long-held by Stephen D. Bryant, editor and publisher of Upper Room Ministries. Stephen’s vision was to see our churches led differently - out of a spiritual formation paradigm. The hope was that as the church was led formationally, we would become the transformed community, the presence of Christ in the world. Being led formationally included spending time together in community, practicing daily habits of personal listening to God, and creating space to listen to God together that would move us to action.

We currently have two active CIC groups. More information at website:


  1. 2 Other Bible Study groups

Mr. Ts’eliso Leballo is leading Bible Study group meeting on a Tuesday evening. He is presently preparing the group for further study by going through the structure and books of the Bible. The other bible study group existing within and outside the Parish is Women of Grace which meets on alternate Wednesday evenings.


  1. Growing the church 

  1. 1 Alpha

The Alpha Course is open to everyone interested in discovering what Christianity is about. Come, relax, eat, share your thoughts and explore the meaning of life. The Alpha course group usually meets once a week for 10 weeks, and includes a one-day or weekend getaway. At each session, people enjoy great food, laughter and learning in a fun and friendly atmosphere where no question about life or God is seen as too simple or too hostile questions like: Is there a God? Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where am I going? St Francis has run Alpha before and the two Companions in Christ groups currently meeting were formed after this Alpha Course.

More information at website:




  1. 2 Rooted in Jesus

This is a two-year discipleship program designed for Africa (it takes cognizance of lower literacy levels in some parts). It was first used in the Diocese of Niassa, Mozambique, which is now sharing it with Angola. It has now also been rolled out in South Africa. In our own Diocese, Rooted in Jesus was implemented very successfully in the Vosloorus Archdeaconry and we hope to establish a training group amongst the young people in our own Archdeaconry of Katlehong.  

More information at website:


       Figure 1: Attendees of the video called “Blasphemy and is the Bible divine or human in origin”.








  1. 3 Back-to-Church Sunday

This is now the single largest local-church invitational initiative in the world. It is based on the simplest and shortest step in evangelism - when we invite someone we already know to our church. While the initial focus was to invite ‘back’ those who used to attend church, others who do not attend can also be invited, gently encouraged and warmly welcomed. Thus, this season could also be called “Invitation Sunday”. Creative changes can be made to include weekday congregations.   More information at website: or at



Figure 2: Sunday Service






  1. Link parishes


  • St Francis of Assisi at present has three Link Parishes; two in the Diocese of Monmouth in the United Kingdom,
  • St Mellon, Monmouth. (Rev David Kellen & his congregation)
  • St Dyfrig, Monmouth. (Rev Marian Dowsett & her congregation) and one in the Diocese of Bunbury in Australia,
  • St Elizabeth, Bunbury. (Rev Carol Morgan & her congregation)

The purpose of having Link Parishes is to foster a spirit of unity within the Anglican Community and to share with one another and support each other in prayer and fellowship. So, for instance, we have regular communication with our Link Parishes in Monmouth and have sent them palm crosses in the past. They also took back a St Francis family cross and will be implementing our idea of circulating the cross amongst families in their congregation. We need to work more conscientiously on this programme and foster our links in a greater way. More information at websites:  and


  1. Happening weekends (for the youth) 

The Happening experience does not propose a new type of Spirituality, but provides a method through which one’s Spirituality may be developed, lived and shared in fellowship with other Christians. The Happening Experience is a powerful instrument of renewal within the Church. Its aim is to concentrate closely on the Person and teachings of Jesus Christ and seeks to give those who attend the desire to understand and serve the Church. During the three day Happening Weekend, the teachings of Christ are discussed in an atmosphere of joy and happiness. A Happening is an encounter with Christ. During the three days the ‘Happeners’ (those attending) listen to talks given by other young people and clergy.

       More information at website:


  1.   Cursillo

Cursillo has been described as ‘a short course in Christian living’, and has had a transformative impact on the lives of many who have participated in it for the good of the Church and its mission. The Diocese of the Highveld had its first Cursillo Weekend in May 2012 with the 9th Men & Women held side by side from the 17th to 20th October 2019 at Emseni in Boksburg.( the theme was Phillipians 4:13). We are very fortunate to have a number of our parishioners who attended most of the Cursillo Weekends.  We know that lives have been changed through the weekend experience and we encourage others to consider using Cursillo to develop a closer walk with the Lord.  

More information at website:


The following persons at St Francis of Assisi may be contacted for more information on these ministries:






Portfolio leader  
(Bible Study / Home Groups /Alpha / Happening Weekends)

Likabiso Kobo


063 294 0020


Companions in Christ (Morning)

Sandy Engelbrecht

(011) 867 2109

(082) 480 5822

Companions in Christ (Evening)

Errol  Peace


(082) 414 4898

Tuesday Evening Bible Study

Pheli Mbambo


(083) 397 0024

Wednesday Women of Grace

Seithati Ngcezula


(082) 467 9674

Growing the Church / Rooted in Jesus / Back to Church Sunday

Portfolio Leaders & Priest




Link Parishes

Cynthia Mboweni-De Klerk

(011) 298 5242

(082) 922 5331


Errol Peace

(011) 869 1946

(082) 414 4898


 Portfolio Group: MISSION & EVANGELISM   (MISSIO DEI-        The mission of God) 

Likabiso Kobo 063 294 0020
Wilhelmina  Ngcezula (082)467 9674 wilhs68n@gmail,com
Corporate Gathering of Believers.(Spiritual Formations) Bible Study Pheli Mbambo (083)397 0024
Women of Grace Wilhelmina  Ngcezula (082)467 9674 wilhs68n@gmail,com
Mothers Union Judith Ranthako (083)411 6200
  Women's Fellowship Connie Muller (076)707 2380
  Men's Fellowship Keith Holliman (082)900 5468
  Friday Men's Fellowship      
  Seniors TBC    
  Alpha (course designed for laity-led, church based evangelism that presents the message of Jesus in a clear non-threatening manner to people of all walks of life) TBC    
Pulpit & Social Media Evangelism Preaching Priest (011) 867 5922
Passive Evangelism- Dependence on God Prayer Meetings(Neighbours-fellow workers) TBC    
Family Fellowship      
Ecumenism Fellowship and collaboration