The overall purpose and goal of the Pastoral Groups is to provide a more immediate, personal and intimate care for all those in our Parish. With such a large congregation, the priests and lay ministers cannot possibly have a meaningful ministry to each parishioner, but the Pastoral Area Leaders or Co-ordinators are able to share the important pastoral care of parishioners with them in the following ways:

  • Organize the circulation of the Pastoral Cross among the families in the Pastoral area,
  • Make contact with parishioners in their areas via telephone, sms, email or personally at least once a quarter,
  • Report generally on people and events in the Pastoral Area once a quarter, at a Co-ordinator’s meeting,
  • Liaise with the Parish Office regarding family/individual needs and ministry requirements, e.g. hospital visit, prayers, grief counseling,
  • Deliver post not collected from the Church after three weeks,
  • Send birthday, anniversary, Christmas, sympathy wishes from the Parish,
  • Drop off a card if not seen at church for a while,
  • Co-ordinator to notify LM if communion requested or Counsellor if needed
  • Establish a home cell or home communion group if possible

Please be aware that some families may not want to take part in the activities of the Pastoral Areas, for various reasons. This should be lovingly respected. Also cultural expectations should be taken into consideration. Notice should be given of visiting where possible.

Pastoral groups should ideally be no more than 22 families to preserve the personal contact.

Name and address lists are being revised and will be distributed to all so that you know which Area you belong to. An appeal is made to all in the Parish to embrace this way of ministry.

This does not mean that you cannot contact or approach the clergy, lay ministers, counsellors, Church Office or Church Council members directly if you wish to. You will always be heard and taken care of as best possible.


The following persons at St Francis of Assisi may be contacted for more information on this ministry:

Pastoral Area


Tel (h/b)


E-mail Address


Meyersdal 1

Cynthia Mboweni-de Klerk and

Pheli Mbambo

(011) 298 5242 /

(011) 021 6428

(082) 922 5331 /

(083) 397 0024


Meyersdal 2





JAMES of Zebedee:







New Redruth

Brian and

Gayleen Ashworth

(011) 907 7409 /

(011) 867 5922

(082) 777 4437 /

(082) 898 7402


Alberton North

Tseliso and

Malerato Leballo

(011) 714 3714 /

(011) 355 0094

(083) 402 3470 /

(083) 611 2869


Brackenhurst 1

Keith Holliman and

 Jenny Genis

(011) 867 4258 /

(011) 867 4355

(082) 900 5468 /

(072) 299 0375


Brackenhurst 2

Stephen Ngcezula


(076) 547 4637



Brackendowns 1

Sylvia Karow


(084) 571 9294

JAMES of Alphaeus:

Brackendowns 2

John Blair

(011) 867 1067

(082) 770 8525

Pastoral Area


Tel (h/b)


E-mail Address


Mayberry Park

Zodwa Mazibuko

(011) 900 3226

(082) 429 3385


Johannesburg South

Ian and

Sandy King

(011) 432 2363 /

(011) 929 0152

(082) 455 3044 /

(082) 815 4575


Areas beyond