God is our Creator and Provider. All things come from him. We are to be good stewards of all that he gives us in our Parish. This includes our Parish buildings, our personnel and all our various resources. This is the task of those serving on the Stewardship Portfolio. Our Annual Dedicated Giving drive and general Fundraising form an important aspect of our parish life, and is included in this Portfolio of responsibilities.

1.  Administration

Our Parish has an Administrator who takes care of all the financial. Record-keeping in the Parish e.g. Dedicated Giving, accounts, contracts, fundraising recording, buildings, furnishings, and grounds all fall under her care. She also assists with the scheduling of work and general office administration. Our Administrator works from 08:30 to 13:30, Monday to Friday.

The Parish Secretary assists with the administration of the Parish. Our Secretary works from 08:30-13:00 – Monday to Friday. The Secretary takes care of the Parish Roll, applications for various sacramental rites, scheduling appointments with the Rector, communication with the Parishioners through e-mail and Church WhatsApp, correspondence, the weekly Pew Slip, prepares the AV projected on Sundays, etc. She also assists the Parish Administrator and Rector in their tasks.

2. Inventory

The Parish keeps an inventory of all property, buildings, furnishings and fittings, machinery and tools. Our property valuations are based on this so that we are properly insured. We need to be good stewards of what people have provided for, in the Parish.

3. Personnel

Clergy families and Parish workers need to be managed, cared for and compensated.

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Inventory                               Sandy Engelbrecht                            (011) 867 5922

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                                            Portfolio Group: MAINTENANCE Alton Rankin 072 660 7663
Ivan Lane  084 213 9441
Property: Church Buildings & Rectory      
  Church Grounds      
  Furnishing & Fittings