In our Worship we demonstrate the “worthship” of Jesus. If the Love of God in Jesus is worth everything to us, we will make our worship exciting, rich, vibrant and uplifting. Many people play a vital part in preparing for and conducting our acts of worship. Here are some of the ministries which you also may consider:


  1. Sacristans

These parishioners take care of the church linen and altar vessels and prepare the church, vestments and altar for our worship services on Sundays and weekdays.  This is done at the convenience of the teams, usually before or on Saturdays. 


  1. Flower Guild

The Flower Guild decorate our church with flowers, giving God the bouquets He deserves as part of our celebrations and in honour of the saints and the departed. Parishioners are encouraged to donate flowers for special occasions and in memory of a loved one.


  1. Sidespersons

These parishioners have the ministry of handing out books and pew leaflets, assisting parishioners with seating and any queries, as well as various other responsibilities at the Sunday morning services, including the orderly flow of people and children to and from the altar.


  1. Welcoming Committee

These parishioners share in the important ministry of hospitality. They create an atmosphere of warmth and are responsible for welcoming parishioners, guests and visitors to the Parish, assisting them in finding their way around, making them comfortable during the service and helping them get and fill in application forms for membership, baptism, confirmation, marriage, and so forth, as well as inviting them back for future services.


  1. Choir

The choir and organist lead the congregation in worship.  This is a joyful and uplifting ministry. Parishioners are encouraged to join the choir if God has gifted you with music and a good voice.


  1. Youth Musicians

We are trying desperately to get our contemporary worship music team going again. Please offer your time talents if you can play a musical instrument or even just enjoy singing and are prepared to lead contemporary worship.