Social Responsibility

Jesus commands us: “Love one another, as I have loved you.” In our Parish we try to honour this command by providing opportunities for parishioners to interact with one another on a social level, getting to know one another and care for one another better. We also provide opportunities for outreach in the community; to demonstrate God’s love for all his children, especially those outside the community of the Parish Church.


We all enjoy a cup of tea – sometimes with eats – and fellowship after the service. Those who prepare and serve tea, coffee and refreshments, and wash up afterwards, play a vital part in the outreach ministry to our parishioners, although their loving service is so often overlooked. Please volunteer to be part of these teams and relieve the burden by being involved at least once a month.

Soup Kitchen

The soup kitchen makes between 60 and 90 peanut butter and jam sandwiches and hands this out at the Brackenhurst library every Monday morning.

Social Outreach

Blessing buckets are handed out during the Christmas period. Plans will be looked at during 2023 to resuscitate the food parcel program to distributed to the needy in our area throughout the year, and especially around Christmas time. Previously, during Lent parishioners rally to do a special project around the theme ‘Count your Blessings’, and collect little gifts of love for the elderly or underprivileged children, the social responsibility team will review this and develop plans to resuscitate. During winter we collect blankets and jerseys which are distributed to the needy. Much of this work was initiated by the AWF of our Parish but the AWF no longer exists.

Fund Raising Activities

The portfolio is responsible for fund raising activities such as the annual gala dinner and dance, annual golf day, and any other fund raiser. During this year one fund raiser has been held and R39 000 was raised at the annual golf day. The annual golf day will continue in 2023 and an annual gala dinner and dance is planned for next year 2023 to be held possibly in November 2023.

Shrove Tuesday

On this day we enjoyed and fellowshiped over pancakes.

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